Floor repair
I’m not sure if I need a floor repair. Can you inspect my wood floor?
Of course. We are a trustworthy company that always acts with integrity. We’ll visit your property to inspect your wooden floorboards thoroughly and give you our honest assessment.
Do I need to provide any materials?
What does your wood floor repair service include?
Can you repair floorboards?
How do you replace just a few floorboards?
How do you fix a water damaged parquet floor?
Can you repair a hole in a wood floor?
Is parquet flooring easy to maintain?
Floor Sanding
Can you sand and polish wooden floorboards yourself?
While it’s possible, we see the results of unprofessional sanding jobs all the time. And in many cases, the cost of rectifying mistakes is higher than the cost of hiring professionals to perform the initial work. Nothing delivers results or extends the lifespan of a wooden floor like the expertise of a floor sanding specialist.
Can you over-sand wooden flooring?
How often should wood floors be sanded?
How long does it take to sand a floor?
Does professional floor sanding leave a mess?
What colour will my floor be after the sanding process?
Is sanding old floors noisy?
Can parquet floors be sanded?
Stairs and Banisters Sanding
Can a staircase be repaired?
Absolutely, we repair staircases in London regularly. In many cases, replacing broken sections with quality hardwood is enough to extend the life of a staircase for many years.
How do I refurbish my stairs?
How do you fix creaking stairs from above?
Why are my stairs creaking?
Floor Restoration
Is my wooden floor too damaged to restore?
In our experience, even the most shabby wooden floors are rarely beyond repair. Provided they’re solid and safe underneath all the dirt and grime, we should be able to restore your floor by performing minor repairs and sanding each board thoroughly. If you’re in doubt, we can visit your property to give you a full assessment of your floor’s condition.
How long will my restored hardwood floor last?
Can you restore a laminate floor?
Are floorboards worth restoring?
Do I need to be present during the floor restoration?
How can I restore my hardwood floors myself?
Can parquet floors be refinished?
How many times can a parquet floor be refinished?
Floor Sealing
Can you seal hardwood floors without sanding?
Yes. If the floor is in reasonably good condition, we’ll buff the top to remove the upper layer of sealant. We then apply a refresher coat of sealant. This is useful if you simply want to reseal a floor you had restored just a few years ago.
What is the best way to clean a sealed wooden floor?
Can I add wood oils to a sealed floor?
Can you refinish a very old wood floor?
Flooring Installation
What type of floor is the cheapest to install?
In our opinion, nothing beats the look and feel of a solid wood floor. However, very similar results can be achieved with laminate and engineered wood at a fraction of the cost.
Is it worth it to install your own flooring?
Which is better, solid hardwood or engineered hardwood?
What are the disadvantages of engineered wood flooring?
Is engineered wood considered solid wood?
How long does engineered wood flooring last?
Can I install my own hardwood floors?
What do you lay under parquet flooring?
Floor Staining
How do you stain hardwood floors?
At Wooden Flooring experts, we start by removing debris, nails etc. We then repair or replace any boards or blocks before assessing the entire floor for imperfections. We may recommend sanding the entire space to ensure a smooth, even finish. Once the floor is clean and smooth, we apply several coats of the stain using specialised applicators.
Can I stain my floors without sanding?
Can I stain over hardwood floors?
How long does stain last on hardwood floors?
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