Wood Floor Repairs in London

Wood Floor Repairs in London

At Wooden Flooring Experts Ltd., we are working with trusted and highly reputed experts with years of experience and a diversely unique skillset. We specialize in all things wood, be it Victorian Pine flooring, engineered wood flooring restoration, or even residential stair sanding in London.
Tue, March 26, 2024

Professional Floor Repair Services

At Wooden Flooring Experts Ltd., we are working with trusted and highly reputed experts with years of experience and a diversely unique skillset. We specialize in all things wood, be it Victorian Pine flooring, engineered wood flooring restoration, or even residential stair sanding in London.

Wood floor repair cost​
Type of work Cost
Fireplace from 199 £/m²
Floor replacement from 25 £/linear meter
Fix Squeaky Flooring from 19 £/m²
Wood Floor Repair in London​

Searching for wooden flooring repair in the London area? Our restoration experts are at your service. We have a wealth of experience in breathing new life into old wooden floors. Our hardworking, trustworthy team will work tirelessly to restore your floors to their former glory — and that’s a promise.

We can restore any type of wooden floorboard, including standard floorboards, parquet flooring and hardwood floors. Using a combination of specialist tools, restoration agents and expertise, we offer a wood floor repair service capable of transforming any home.

Before & After​
Preparing For A Damaged Floor Repair​

Once the entire space has been cleared of furniture and debris, we will fully assess your floor’s condition. We’ll make a note of any damaged boards that need to be replaced, as well as boards that can be restored with a simple repair. We’ll also look for loose boards and any protruding tacks or nails. Once we have a clear idea of what your floor repair requires, we’ll get to work.

Wood Floor Repair Service

At Wooden Flooring Experts, we provide a range of services, including:

Floorboards Repair​

We fully assess existing floorboards before we create an action plan. When a floorboard can be saved, we use a range of equipment to restore it to its former glory. We take our time to ensure each board is smooth, level and in a good state of repair before we begin the sanding and finishing processes.

Parquet Floor Repair​

Parquet floors require a level of expertise most DIYers simply don’t have. We painstakingly review every parquet block to ensure it’s free from scratches, gouges and general damage. Where we do find damage, we use a range of specialist equipment to save and preserve the block for many years.

Hardwood Floor Repair​

We understand how valuable a hardwood floor is to a home. Not only does it add value to a property, but it also creates an unrivalled aesthetic charm synthetic materials simply can’t match. We use a range of equipment and materials to restore hardwood floors to their showroom condition.

What Does Old Floors Repair Involve?​

At Wooden Flooring Expert Ltd., we take a meticulous approach to wood flooring repairs. After the initial assessment, we begin by sweeping the entire area to remove dust and debris. We then remove tacks and nails to leave a clean, hazard-free floor to work on.

We then move on to the replacement part of the process. We’ll replace damaged floorboards with flooring or timber of the same age, type and quality. This ensures your finished floor will look exactly like it did when it was first installed.

Our wood floor repair specialists will then start the painstaking task of repairing individual boards. This is a process we have perfected over the years, using a range of specialist tools and materials.

What should a repaired floor look like ​

A carefully repaired and restored wooden floor should look like it did when it was first installed. The colour, age, wood type and board size should be consistent across the entire floor. The best repairs are invisible — you’d never know the floor was once in a state of disrepair. When you hire Wooden Flooring Experts, this level of craftsmanship is guaranteed.

I’m not sure if I need a floor repair. Can you inspect my wood floor?
Of course. We are a trustworthy company that always acts with integrity. We’ll visit your property to inspect your wooden floorboards thoroughly and give you our honest assessment.
Do I need to provide any materials?
What does your wood floor repair service include?
Can you repair floorboards?
How do you replace just a few floorboards?
How do you fix a water damaged parquet floor?
Can you repair a hole in a wood floor?
Can you replace just a few floorboards?

Why Choose Us?

As one of London’s premier wood floor repair companies, we’re passionate about customer satisfaction. And we take great pride in restoring wooden floors to their former glory. When you hire us, you’re guaranteed the lowest possible wood floor repair cost, as well as the following benefits:

  • A team of skilled technicians with a wealth of experience in wooden flooring repairs
  • An eye for detail
  • A courteous, professional service
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