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We are the best floor sanding company in London and we consider ourselves masterful craftsmen and artisans who understand the history, legacy, and characteristics of wood. A natural resource, it can be honed, shaped, and perfected to actualize our architectural dreams with the finesse and charm of its glorious textures. But make no mistake, wood requires care and nurturing and a balanced environment that is mindful of its needs. This is where we step in with our traditional techniques and innovative equipment to provide efficient wood flooring restoration services that will breathe new life into your property!

Recent work
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Engendered floor sanding Kensington & Chelsea area
For our esteemed client, we meticulously executed a comprehensive suite of services to revitalize and protect their flooring.
Engendered floorboards laying (Waltham Forest)
For our valued client, we provided a specialized service starting with a thorough base repair to ensure a solid foundation, essential for the longevity and stability of the flooring.
Floor sanding in Soho
In our latest floor sanding project, we offered a holistic service that catered to every detail, ensuring a hassle-free and satisfying experience for our client.
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Over the years, we’ve created a flourishing audience of happy and satisfied clients who treat us like family. We’ve built meaningful client relationships that we cherish above all. It gives us immense pleasure to be recognized as the top London floor sanding experts and wood restoration specialists. We cater to corporate, commercial, industrial, and residential clients with the plan to add value to their properties. Over the years, we’ve worked on a diverse array of projects, including London townhouses, condos, small apartments, traditional Victorian-style villas, luxury hotels, restaurants, salons, stores, and much more. Contact the best floor sanding company in London now!

I’m not sure if I need a floor repair. Can you inspect my wood floor?
Of course. We are a trustworthy company that always acts with integrity. We’ll visit your property to inspect your wooden floorboards thoroughly and give you our honest assessment.
Do I need to provide any materials?
What does your wood floor repair service include?
Can you repair floorboards?
How do you replace just a few floorboards?
How do you fix a water damaged parquet floor?
Can you repair a hole in a wood floor?
Can you replace just a few floorboards?
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