Wood Floor Installation in London

Professional Floor Installation Services
At Wooden Flooring Experts Ltd., we are working with trusted and highly reputed experts with years of experience and a diversely unique skillset. We specialize in all things wood, be it Victorian Pine flooring, engineered wood flooring restoration, or even residential stair sanding in London.
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Cost of flooring in London

Type of work Cost
Laminate from 25 £/m²
Parquet from 39 £/m²
Boards from 29 £/m²
Artistic design wood floor from 49 £/m²
Natural Flooring Installation

Are you planning to install the new wooden flooring to transform your living space’s ambience and cosmetic character? Flooring can work wonders at boosting the market value of your property, whether you plan on selling or improving the structural integrity of your asset. Wooden Flooring Expert Ltd has built trust and the industry reputation with years of hard work and persistent dedication to excellence.

floor installation in london
floor installation london

What’s Included with Wood Floor Installation?

When you choose Wooden Flooring Experts for flooring laying in London, you get everything required to transform your space — from an initial assessment to the fitting of accessories.

Floor installation in London begins with an initial consultation. Our experts will visit your property and assess the job in detail. We’ll then give you a competitive quote based on the scale of the job and your preferences.

When you accept a quote from our experts, you can sit back and relax while we take care of everything. We’ll prepare the floor, expertly lay every board or block, and finish your new flooring with a high-quality sealant to protect it against moisture and footfall.

Laying wooden flooring is a highly complex job that requires specialised equipment. But all our prices include materials, equipment and labour — everything needed to transform your home and increase its value.

Floor Installation Services in London

At Wooden Flooring Experts, we’ve perfected a proven method of wood floor installation. Whatever type of flooring you want, we have the skills and experience to deliver quality and longevity.

laying wooden flooring

We specialise in solid wood floor installation in London that adds value to homes. But if you want to save money while delivering the same aesthetic, we have a great range of engineered wood flooring to choose from.

Laminate flooring delivers the same warmth and natural aesthetic of wood at a fraction of the price. Our laminate floor fitters have the know-how, experience and equipment to transform any space with high-quality, durable laminate.

flooring laying london
wood floor installation

Parquet flooring has the power to transform any space into something special. However, this is only possible when the intricacies of parquet flooring are respected. Our experts use a tried-and-tested installation method to ensure the innate beauty of these floors always shines through.

Whether it’s oak or mahogany, we treat hardwood floors with respect and precision — ensuring they add value and a different dimension to any home.

floor installation
Tools used
Festool tools kit
Festool tools kit
Dewalt tools kit
Dewalt tools kit

Floor Fitting Specialists in London

We are at the top in the new flooring installation field in London, and we enjoy an unparalleled and unmatched reputation in the industry. It gives us immense pride to see our flooring installation solutions adding value to the metropolis’ architectural landscape. Each new project is a unique opportunity to uplift a new property and challenge ourselves with a project that will help us evolve and improve.

At Wooden Flooring Experts Limited, we specialize in new flooring installation in London. We are also on top when it comes to wide array of floor fitting solutions for all kinds of wooden materials, fixtures, and accessories. We take pride in our craft, and we’ve honed and perfected it over the years by enriching our skillsets with a wealth of experience and diversity.
We have a thriving audience of satisfied clients whom we consider family. Our client-centric values are focused on winning over client trust and satisfaction with unparalleled standards of excellence and quality.

laying wooden flooring

Laying New Flooring

New flooring installation is a project that must be approached with significant consideration to multiple crucial factors. We help our clients explore a plethora of innovative and traditional wooden floor varieties. The key is to find the right flooring material that is ideally suited to the client’s needs and preferences.

Naturally, residential customers’ flooring needs are strikingly different from those of commercial outlets and corporate venues. Foot traffic is a critical consideration, and we always advise our clients to choose materials that can withstand the daily foot traffic with reliable durability.

Our Team Of Experts Are Prepared To Assist You With Every Step Of Your Project From Start To Finish.
Our New Flooring Installation Gallery

We approach each project with a professional view and use all experience we have.
We know wood and can help you put it up in a way that is both cost-effective and long-lasting. Learn more about the process of flooring installation and see examples of our work.

Competitive Pricing

We keep the cost of flooring in London as low as possible — while guaranteeing maximum quality and customer satisfaction. The cost of your next floor installation in London depends on a range of factors, including the size of the space, your preferred flooring type and the nature of the job.

How much does it cost to get floors laid in London?
The cost of floor laying in London depends on a range of factors, including the size of the space, the type of flooring and site access. Flooring experts will perform a full site assessment before creating a custom quote for the job.
What to do before installing new floors?
The entire area must first be cleared of obstacles, debris and dirt. At Wooden Experts, we fully prepare the subfloor before starting a new floor installation in London. This guarantees a smooth, even finish and a floor that will stand the test of time.
Who are the best flooring installers?
Look for floor installation in London performed by experienced professionals with a long track record of happy customers and positive reviews. We’ve successfully installed or restored more than 5,000 floors in London over more than two decades.
What type of floor is the cheapest to install?
In our opinion, nothing beats the look and feel of a solid wood floor. However, very similar results can be achieved with laminate and engineered wood at a fraction of the cost.
Is it worth it to install your own flooring?
No, it’s always best to hire professionals for wood floor installation in London. While you might save some money in the short run by doing it yourself, the results won’t be anywhere near as good or as long-lasting as they’ll be when Wooden Flooring Experts are on the case.
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Highest Standards of Excellence

Over the years, we have cemented our position as one of the best London wooden flooring experts with our unwavering dedication to excellence and superior quality controls. We deploy state of the art equipment and cutting-edge solutions to ensure a stress-free, convenient, and highly efficient floor fitting experience for our clients. We are traditional wood artisans who take immense pride in their craft and combine modern innovations with age-old tactics to help clients beautify their interiors with durable and charming flooring materials. We understand wood-like none other, and we can help you ensure that a flooring installation process is budget-friendly and durable.

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Jackson Plattino
Jackson Plattino
They were great. Good communication, trustworthy and fantastic quality of work. Could not be more pleased with the finished results
Will Burges
Will Burges
Really helpful and knowledgable company... they did a really good job on grinding and refinishing our terrazzo floor. Very punctual and conscientious, would definitely recommend!
Luna Smith
Luna Smith
Great service, a fair price, and I am so pleased with the outcome.
Ben Murphy
Ben Murphy
Excellent, clean and fast service. They sanded the floors perfectly, beautifully stained the boards and varnished to an extremely professional standard, and cleaned up very well. Couldn’t have been a better service from Wooden Flooring Experts, especially as they were fixing a job that another company had performed very badly.
Sam Pritchard
Sam Pritchard
We used Wooden Flooring Experts to sand all of our original + damaged floorboards. They were super responsive and great to deal with during the process of choosing them, and when they were doing the job they always arrived on time and communicated throughout. We couldn't recommend these guys more if you needed expert floor sanding, amazing!
Eleanor Cameron
Eleanor Cameron
Very pleased with result. Would recommend.
Henry Eccles-Williams
Henry Eccles-Williams
Brilliant service, beautiful floors, very good value. Highly recommended.
Danielle Taylor
Danielle Taylor
Great experience with the team at Wooden Flooring Experts. They arrived early and worked hard to get our floors done quickly and perfectly. We had a lot of gaps to be filled and lots of small corners which made this hard, but they managed to get it done! The difference between before and after is amazing.
Hannah Carter
Hannah Carter
Just brilliant from start to finish and apart from a beautifully laid floor, you would have never know they were there.
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