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At Wooden Flooring Experts Ltd., we are working with trusted and highly reputed experts with years of experience and a diversely unique skillset. We specialize in all things wood, be it Victorian Pine flooring, engineered wood flooring restoration, or even residential stair sanding in London.
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Floorboard Sanding in London Performed by Experienced Experts

Transform your home overnight with floor board sanding services delivered by experienced professionals who genuinely care about the homes of their clients. We use a range of specialist equipment, materials and expertise to breathe life into tired and worn floors. Sanding old floor boards is a highly technical job that requires an eye for detail and a huge amount of care. When you hire Wooden Flooring Experts for the job, you’re guaranteed both in abundance.
sanding floorboards
Tools used
frank cobra
Frank cobra
Lagler Hummel
Lagler Hummel
Lagler trio
Lagler trio
Bona flex
Bona flex
Festool RO 150
Festool RO 150
Numatic buffer
Numatic buffer
Kearcher WD3P
Kearcher WD3P
Before & After
sanding old floor boards
How Do You Know it’s Time to Sand Wooden Floorboards?
An authentic wooden floor lights up a room like nothing else. But over time, that light can dim if you don’t look after your floor properly. Thankfully, regular maintenance and repair can keep your flooring looking its very best. And the process begins with sanding. This skilled process creates a smooth, uniform appearance and prepares the wood for the lacquering stage that comes later. You’ll know you need floor boarding services if:
  • There are noticeable scratches or gouges
  • Your flooring is a different colour in high-traffic areas
  • The lacquer or finish is beginning to break down
  • It’s been two years since you last had your flooring finished
  • There’s significant damage that requires extensive restoration
The cost of sanding and polishing floorboards might seem high, but spending a little extra now could extend the life of your floor considerably.

What Does Sanding Floorboards in the UK Involve?

Using the latest floorboard sanding equipment and techniques, we have developed our own sanding process.
  • Preparation and cleaning
  • Floorboard repairs
  • Sanding using specialist equipment
  • A multi-stage finishing process
  • Final checks and handover
Sanding old floor boards might look easy, but it requires expertise and specialist equipment. Doing it yourself might seem like a good idea, but it probably won’t deliver that showroom appeal you’re looking for. And if you cause damage to your beloved floor, the cost of hiring professionals for repairs could be high. Hire us to sand wooden floorboards for you for better results and a longer-lasting finish. Call us today on 020 8089 9076 to discuss your project in detail.
cost to sand and polish floorboards

Cost of sanding and polishing floorboards in UK

Type of work Cost
Floorboard sanding from 25 £/m²
Floorboard gap filling from 5 £/m²
Floorboard staining from 6 £/m²
Floorboard Sanding FAQs
Can you sand and polish wooden floorboards yourself?
While it’s possible, we see the results of unprofessional sanding jobs all the time. And in many cases, the cost of rectifying mistakes is higher than the cost of hiring professionals to perform the initial work. Nothing delivers results or extends the lifespan of a wooden floor like the expertise of a floor sanding specialist.
Can you over-sand wooden flooring?
The simple answer is yes. Every time you sand a wooden floor, you thin down the boards. Over time, this can jeopardise the strength and stability of your floor. While we recommend getting your floor checked by a professional every two to three years, a full sanding should only be necessary every five to ten years.
What is the best way to sand floorboards?
From our experience, commercial upright floor sanders deliver the best results. That’s why we always recommend hiring professional sanders for the job. You’ll get a better looking, more consistent finish every time.
How often should wood floors be sanded?
This depends on the footfall they endure. However, as a simple rule of thumb, a wooden floor can be sanded between four and six times before it will start to lose strength and stability. This should give you a lifetime of service, however. We wouldn’t usually recommend sanding a floor more often than once every five to ten years.
How long does floor sanding last?
This depends on the scale of the job. If your floor is large and the damage is extensive, it can take up to a week. However, some floorboard sanding jobs can be delivered to an exceptionally high standard in as little as a day.
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Why Choose Us for Floorboard Sanding?
The cost of sanding floorboards is worth paying when you see what the professionals can do. When you hire Wooden Flooring Experts for the job, you’re guaranteed the following benefits:
  • Highly competitive prices that won’t change during the job
  • A friendly, professional and punctual service
  • Minimal disruption and mess
  • A professional team of floor board sanding experts who are passionate about wooden flooring
  • Regular updates on the progress of your project
  • The latest sanding equipment and techniques
It is possible to over-sand a wooden floor, so speak to us first if you’re thinking of doing it yourself. Every time you sand a floorboard, it becomes a little thinner — losing strength and stability. We’ll visit your property, assess your floor and give you our best price.
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We deliver robust and specialized services for wood floor sanding and restoration in London. Our experts have a technical solution to ensure dust-free floor sanding with specialized and efficient tools. Whether you seek floor sanding services for your store, office, or home, our team will address your needs with great dedication.

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Jackson Plattino
They were great. Good communication, trustworthy and fantastic quality of work. Could not be more pleased with the finished results
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Will Burges
Really helpful and knowledgable company... they did a really good job on grinding and refinishing our terrazzo floor. Very punctual and conscientious, would definitely recommend!
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Luna Smith
Great service, a fair price, and I am so pleased with the outcome.
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Ben Murphy
Excellent, clean and fast service. They sanded the floors perfectly, beautifully stained the boards and varnished to an extremely professional standard, and cleaned up very well. Couldn’t have been a better service from Wooden Flooring Experts, especially as they were fixing a job that another company had performed very badly.
Sam Pritchard
Sam Pritchard
We used Wooden Flooring Experts to sand all of our original + damaged floorboards. They were super responsive and great to deal with during the process of choosing them, and when they were doing the job they always arrived on time and communicated throughout. We couldn't recommend these guys more if you needed expert floor sanding, amazing!
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Eleanor Cameron
Very pleased with result. Would recommend.
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Henry Eccles-Williams
Brilliant service, beautiful floors, very good value. Highly recommended.
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Danielle Taylor
Great experience with the team at Wooden Flooring Experts. They arrived early and worked hard to get our floors done quickly and perfectly. We had a lot of gaps to be filled and lots of small corners which made this hard, but they managed to get it done! The difference between before and after is amazing.
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Hannah Carter
Just brilliant from start to finish and apart from a beautifully laid floor, you would have never know they were there.
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