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At Wooden Flooring Experts Ltd., we are working with trusted and highly reputed experts with years of experience and a diversely unique skillset. We specialize in all things wood, be it Victorian Pine flooring, engineered wood flooring restoration, or even residential stair sanding in London.

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Type of work Cost
Floor Staining /dyeing from 6 £/m² per coat
Lime washing/liming/whitening from 5 £/m² per coat
Gap filling 1. Sawdust and resin from 5 £/m² per coat for gaps < 3mm
Gap filling 2. Reclaimed pine slivers from 14 £/m² for gaps > 3mm
Gap filling 3. Flexible gap master from 25 £/m² for gaps 3–9mm
Cosmetic gap-filling from 3 £/m² filling small cracks, old cuts, and nail holes etc.
Fireplace / concrete hearth removal from 199 £ depending on size and type
Reclaimed pine floorboards replacing from 19 £/lin/m

Floor Staining in London

Are you looking for an expert in floor staining in London?

At Wooden Flooring Experts Ltd, we deliver a range of high quality floor staining services across the London area. Our team of experts understand the textual characteristics and care needs of wooden floors, where our restorations can transform your neglected interior. We understand the complexities of floor colouring, and so we always stay up to date with colour trends and staining techniques, ensuring that you receive the best possible service for your home or business. Our specialists can assess your floor quality, and provide comprehensive advice on the best staining products to compliment your space.

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Floor Staining Explained

How do you completely transform the look of a room overnight? One way involves restoring or reinvigorating the wood flooring. Staining floorboards, engineered wood, solid wood flooring or parquet blocks can change the natural colour of the wood to something in keeping with the room’s overall aesthetic.

At Wooden Flooring Experts, we offer a palette of rich and vibrant stain colours that can transform any space overnight. Our experienced professionals use a combination of specialised tools and proven application methods to ensure the final outcome always meets the customer’s expectations.

Restaining wood floors is a technical, labour-intensive process that can’t be rushed. We take steps to ensure a smooth, consistent finish every time. And we’re always on hand to make colour recommendations based on more than two decades of experience in homes across London.

For wood floor stain in the UK that enhances your home and complements your existing decor, you can trust Wooden Flooring Experts to deliver.

We’re Enormously Excited In Your Staining Project!

We’re so excited to take part in a new floor staining project because such projects allow us to expand our knowledge and become even more creative and experienced with wooden flooring. We are a trusted floor staining company in London that will help you transform your living space’s aesthetic personality with rich and charming staining colour tones. Did you know that by changing your floor colour, you can change the mood of the whole property?

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Best Floor Staining Experts In London

We are the best floor staining experts in London, and we can help you undertake a unique project without breaking the bank. Our decades of experience in the industry have made us well-versed in the diverse staining preferences of residential, commercial, and corporate clients.

We’ve served many clients in the housing and corporate sectors, and we understand that aesthetic profiles of living, work and retail spaces are uniquely distinctive. Our experts can help you explore the right colour palette to add more depth and charm to your interior.

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Hardwood Floor Staining Costs

We take a fresh approach to every job, where we always start a new project with a full on-site assessment. We take a range of factors into account before producing a custom quote, including the sealant type, your preferred colour, the size of your space and the condition of your floors. This detailed assessment is included in our affordable price range at no extra cost.

cost to stain wood floors
Tools used
Numatic buffer
Numatic buffer
Bona flex
Bona flex
Roller with extension
Roller with extension
Trusted Flooring Staining Specialists
Exploring Endless Color Possibilities
Our masterful specialties
best equipment
Artistic Vision x Affordability
Exploring Endless Color Possibilities

Working with the Wooden Flooring Expert Ltd. comes with scores of advantages, aside from cost-effective rates and convenience. We introduce our clients to an abundance of color ideas, tonnes, palettes, and possibilities.
We need to sit down for multiple consultations until we’re confident that we’ve introduced our client to every possibility that aligns with their vision. Our wooden floor staining specialists will work closely with you to perfect your interior’s aesthetic personality and transform the cosmetic appeal of the property.

Our masterful specialties
Staining and coloring hardwood is one of our masterful specialties, and we perform this craft with tactfulness, creativity, and a strong artistic vision. Transforming the natural texture and color of hardwood is endlessly fascinating and somewhat hard to achieve. It requires the steady hand, talent, and expertise of a skilled craftsman, which is why our wooden floor staining specialists are the right professionals for the job!
best equipment
We only work with the best equipment and innovative color solutions to ensure superior quality, perfection and durability. Each type of wooden floor requires a specific staining and coloring solution, and we hold vast experience in working with an abundance of flooring materials.
Artistic Vision x Affordability

Do you want to undertake a wooden flooring restoration project, followed by staining and coloring? Or you want to add a rich and deep stain to your newly installed flooring? After installing new flooring or performing hardwood flooring restorations for our clients, we often perform staining and coloring services.
We firmly believe that floor staining is a remarkable and relatively affordable home improvement trick to breathe new life into your property. It’s a small investment, but the impact is enormous and incredible. It can transform your environment and the overall aesthetic personality of your interior.
We strongly recommend floor staining services to households and working spaces to create a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing environment. Today, there is an abundance of variety and color palettes to explore, and the prospect of starting a new floor staining project always gets us excited!

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How expensive is it to stain hardwood floors?
The cost to stain wood floors depends on the type of wood, the size and condition of the flooring, the preferred colour and a host of other issues. We assess every floor fully before creating a competitive custom quote based on the customer’s preferences.
Can I stain over hardwood floors?
Yes, you can use a gel-based stain, but we recommend getting your existing floor fully repaired, sanded and refinished. Applying staining to existing wood flooring can generate mixed results.
How do you stain hardwood floors?
At Wooden Flooring experts, we start by removing debris, nails etc. We then repair or replace any boards or blocks before assessing the entire floor for imperfections. We may recommend sanding the entire space to ensure a smooth, even finish. Once the floor is clean and smooth, we apply several coats of the stain using specialised applicators.
How long does stain last on hardwood floors?
If you hire professionals for restaining wood floors, you should expect the results to last for up to eight years. However, this depends on how traffic levels.
Can I stain my floors without sanding?
Yes, it’s possible using a method called screen and recoat. However, in our experience, sanding a floor before staining delivers the best, longest-lasting results.

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Are you planning to undertake a floor staining project to give your organic restaurant an earthly and rustic vibe? Or perhaps, you wish to create a glossy stained appeal for your living room’s parquet flooring?

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Our wooden floor staining in London specialists can walk you through exciting possibilities and inspirations to perfect your vision and turn it into a stunning reality. We understand wood better than anyone, and we can help you enhance the beauty of your wooden flooring with state-of-the-art staining tools and solutions.

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Jackson Plattino
Jackson Plattino
They were great. Good communication, trustworthy and fantastic quality of work. Could not be more pleased with the finished results
Will Burges
Will Burges
Really helpful and knowledgable company... they did a really good job on grinding and refinishing our terrazzo floor. Very punctual and conscientious, would definitely recommend!
Luna Smith
Luna Smith
Great service, a fair price, and I am so pleased with the outcome.
Ben Murphy
Ben Murphy
Excellent, clean and fast service. They sanded the floors perfectly, beautifully stained the boards and varnished to an extremely professional standard, and cleaned up very well. Couldn’t have been a better service from Wooden Flooring Experts, especially as they were fixing a job that another company had performed very badly.
Sam Pritchard
Sam Pritchard
We used Wooden Flooring Experts to sand all of our original + damaged floorboards. They were super responsive and great to deal with during the process of choosing them, and when they were doing the job they always arrived on time and communicated throughout. We couldn't recommend these guys more if you needed expert floor sanding, amazing!
Eleanor Cameron
Eleanor Cameron
Very pleased with result. Would recommend.
Henry Eccles-Williams
Henry Eccles-Williams
Brilliant service, beautiful floors, very good value. Highly recommended.
Danielle Taylor
Danielle Taylor
Great experience with the team at Wooden Flooring Experts. They arrived early and worked hard to get our floors done quickly and perfectly. We had a lot of gaps to be filled and lots of small corners which made this hard, but they managed to get it done! The difference between before and after is amazing.
Hannah Carter
Hannah Carter
Just brilliant from start to finish and apart from a beautifully laid floor, you would have never know they were there.

We can’t wait to hear more about your ideas
We can’t wait to hear more about your vision and ideas. Give us a call and tell us more about your plans. Our wooden floor staining specialists will help enhance and perfect your vision with trendy color palettes and innovative solutions.

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