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A home’s flooring offers more than a surface to walk on. These floors pull the look of an entire room together and help establish a lovely home. Floors must be durable and free of stains, dents, or scratches to guarantee their functionality and smooth appearance. If your London home has floors looking worse for tear, you have two options: sanding and refinishing. Floor replacement can be expensive, and making your floor look new again is unnecessary. For heavily damaged floors, sanding and refinishing is the perfect option to make them look brand-new.

What Is Floor Sanding and Refinishing?

Sanding a floor is part of the wood restoration process, where an electric sander is used to eliminate any scuffs or scratches from the floor while also smoothing out its appearance. Floor sanding also removes any signs of wear and tear and age and can help bring back a sense of youth to your flooring. Meanwhile, floor refinishing includes sanding down the uppermost layer of the floor and applying fresh lacquer or stain over the existing wood.

The Real Benefits of Floor Sanding

Wood flooring is highly sought after, as it’s durable and beautiful. But over time, wear and tear can take its toll, particularly in areas with high foot traffic. Luckily, unlike tiles and carpets that need to be replaced once damaged, you can bring your wood floors back to life with floor sanding. If your wooden floors are in poor condition, consider giving them a new life by investing in a floor sanding service. Some of the benefits of floor sanding are the following:

It Makes Your Floors Look New

Floor sanding benefits your home by making your floors look new, shiny, and clean. It can also remove minor scratches and polish the floor to make it look brand new. Meanwhile, floor refinishing adds shine to the full floors while hiding minor marks and scratches in laminate flooring.


As your hardwood flooring ages, the boards develop spaces between them. The nails holding the boards down are slightly raised. When those boards are uneven, they can be subject to damage from things moving across them. But sanding helps tighten the defective nails and serves as waterproofing. In other words, it increases the sturdiness of your floors.


Wood is a natural material, and mining them produces substantial amounts of carbon emissions and demand on local ecosystems. Restoring your floors with sanding will bypass that factor. Refinishing resilient floor surfaces can provide at least a 92% reduction in carbon footprint than replacing. How cool is that?

Update Your Home’s Interior

Whether you get floor refinishing or sanding, both services can enhance the quality of your home’s interior. Floor sanding can eliminate minor scratches and make hardwood floors look their best. Moreover, floor polishing adds shine to your ground, conceals small marks or blemishes in laminate flooring, preserves the colour of dull vinyl tiles that have lost their shine over time, and more.


A damaged hardwood floor needs a lot of maintenance. Also, it will cost you a significant amount of money if you decide to get the floors replaced. However, choosing a company specialising in London floor sanding will help you save money. When updating your flooring, sanding an existing wooden floor is a cheapest and most cost-efficient option.

Should You Hire a Professional

When a hardwood floor sanding job is done well, it lasts longer and saves you time. It converts into more cost-saving benefits and greater efficiency. When you hire professional services like Wooden Flooring Experts, you’ll not just have to re-sand the floor for another seven to ten years. That makes it a more cost-efficient option than doing it on your own. A remarkable floor is more than the beauty it adds to your property. It’s also an investment in your home. Thus, when you invest in floor sanding, you’re also increasing your property’s value. There are many years in which licensed, reputed, and experienced floor sanding specialists from Wooden Flooring Experts can make a difference with the job. We can offer greater value by offering quality services and results that last longer than a DIY job. If you’re searching for the ideal floor repair and sanding expert in London, contact us at 020 808 990 76 to get started!

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