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There’s no doubt that hardwood floors can make any room look inviting and beautiful with proper care. If your hardwood floors look dull and worn, you can do a few things to make them shine again.

Whether you recently bought a home with well-loved floors or need to spruce up your floors after years of regular use, here are some small changes to make them last a little longer.

Invest in professional fitters for good installation

One of the reasons to hire a professional fitter for your hardwood flooring installation is that they are trained experts with years of expertise in installing different types of hardwood flooring.

These professionals will thoroughly install your floor to look as beautiful as possible and function properly. The same cannot be said if you’re trying to install your floor on your own, only because you don’t have the experience and training.


Cleaning and maintaining your hardwood floor are both essential, but preventative maintenance is just as essential and can save you money on repairs. Taking proper care of your hardwood floor will ensure the quality remains consistent throughout the years.

Remember that hardwood flooring care is not a one-day chore. You must regularly polish, vacuum, clean, and assess your floor’s condition. Vacuuming, dusting and using hardwood cleaner and floor polish must be consistent.

Over time, you might see your floors starting to look a bit dull. You can refinish them every few years. Depending on your family’s lifestyle, how often you refinish, vacuum, or clean will vary.

Use the Right Cleaner

Making your hardwood floors gleam does not have to be a discouraging and time-consuming job. Light cleaning with the proper cleaning products is simple and fast and goes a long way to keeping your floor looking great.

For hardwood flooring with a wax finish, you can use a waxing or cleaning compound to clean and apply a thin coat of wax for a fresher look.

Light mopping with a water and vinegar solution will be enough if your hardwoods have a polyurethane finish. Also, bleach is typically used to eliminate stubborn stains. But on hardwood floors, it can cause serious, permanent discolouration. Other cleaning products are highly abrasive.

Hardwood flooring needs the use of non-corrosive and non-abrasive products. If you’re stuck on which cleaning products to use, our hardwood flooring experts can figure that out for you.

Give your furniture a soft touch

Furniture pads safeguard your floorings efficiently. It avoids nicks, scratching, or other damage on your hardwood floors.

Remember that hardwood floorings are susceptible to scratching. Heavy furniture dragged on the floors could damage your flooring. Even if you don’t move heavy furniture often, you’ll still need a furniture pad.

Accidents happen regularly, and furniture items can slide or drop across the floor. While you can’t stop some level of scratching, you can still lessen the risks.

Furniture pads offer an added layer of protection between the floor and the item.

Consider a professional floor restoration

The ability to refinish hardwood flooring is one of the qualities which makes wooden floors a good investment and an opportunity to transform your space. Hardwood flooring restoration involves sealing the old wood floor, stripping a floor, replacing damaged wood, and applying a new finish and stain to restore the floor’s strength and colour.

For high and moderate-use areas, floor restoration can be an excellent way to guarantee your hardwood remains protected. Also, wooden floor refinishing must be done about every seven to ten years or at least four to six times throughout its lifespan.

Refinishing also helps eliminate old finishes and refresh the look and colour of your hardwood floors and the layer of protection that will help endure it.

The refinishing experts at Wooden Flooring Experts are skilled at identifying the perfect stain that is ideal for your floor and has all the right tools and equipment to finish the job easily and safely. We also use advanced techniques to preserve your hardwood floors to their original beauty and make your property feel new.

Wooden Flooring Experts can take your existing hardwood floor and bring it back to its life. We restore, repair, and refinish hardwood floors using the most durable finishes and stains available. Our expertise in treating various wood species will leave you with a beautiful floor you’ll be proud to show off to your visitors.

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